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Breaking bad crochet throw – WIP

This Breaking Bad crochet throw is work in progress so I only have one picture. I’m using this pattern from Sarah London where she wrote up a pattern for a throw seen on the Breaking Bad TV show. If it’s really a Breaking Bad throw I of course should have made it in crystal meth blue [...]
Breaking bad crochet throw

Yarn winder?

Yarn winder worth the money? I was wondering if any of you have used a yarn winder like these yarn winders on Amazon? They kind of look like a strange torture device but I was watching this youtube video the other day (it’s a little long, just fast forward it to the good part) and was [...]
Yarn winder

Crochet spring / easter Wreath

This crochet spring / easter wreath took me a while to make! I don’t care, I really love it because it looks fun and colourful. I had a Styrofoam circle left since christmas and really wanted to crochet something cool with it. I don’t know it “cool” is the right word for this one, it’s more [...]
Crochet spring / easter wreath

Crochet along – February 2013

Like I said in my January CAL (crochet along) post, I’m hooked on CAL’s! So, even after I made that post I joined another CAL on Google+. I’m beyond saving, please don’t tell me about any more CAL’s or I´ll lose my mind lol Here are the CAL’s I’m participating in: Ravelry block a month [...]
Crochet along – february 2013

Crochet Easter wreath – sneak preview

I’m making a crochet Easter wreath It’s going to be bright, cute and fun. I’m making a lot of different components to put on it and I hope I´ll be able to create my vision. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and have an idea of what I want it to look [...]
Crochet Easter wreath

V-stitch crochet shawl – another one I made

This is actually the first V-stitch crochet shawl I made (already posted this one) but it’s crocheted from a different type of yarn and I used 4 colours. I made it for my 10 year old daughter, she loves turquoise so I used turquoise, white, grey and a very very light tan colour to mix it [...]
V-stitch crochet shawl