Breaking bad crochet throw – WIP

This Breaking Bad crochet throw is work in progress so I only have one picture. I’m using this pattern from Sarah London where she wrote up a pattern for a throw seen on the Breaking Bad TV show. If it’s really a Breaking Bad throw I of course should have made it in crystal meth blue colours, maybe next time :) I’m using 100% Icelandic unspun wool that’s very delicate and the yarn keeps breaking apart, but I like it, even if it makes me smell like a freaking sheep.

For my Breaking Bad crochet throw I’m using 6 colours, some of them are very similar, you can hardly see the difference in the picture. I still haven’t decided what I´ll do with it. It won’t be huge but still bigger than a baby blanket, maybe I´ll just keep it on the sofa and see if anyone will use it. The unspun wool makes it very light but still very warm, I’m excited to see the outcome.

Work in progress: My Breaking Bad crochet throw

Breaking bad crochet throw

My Breaking bad crochet throw

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