Breaking bad crochet throw – WIP

This Breaking Bad crochet throw is work in progress so I only have one picture. I’m using this pattern from Sarah London where she wrote up a pattern for a throw seen on the Breaking Bad TV show. If it’s really a Breaking Bad throw I of course should have made it in crystal meth blue [...]
Breaking bad crochet throw

Crochet along – February 2013

Like I said in my January CAL (crochet along) post, I’m hooked on CAL’s! So, even after I made that post I joined another CAL on Google+. I’m beyond saving, please don’t tell me about any more CAL’s or I´ll lose my mind lol Here are the CAL’s I’m participating in: Ravelry block a month [...]
Crochet along – february 2013

Crochet hexagon blanket – finished at last!

I posted a sneak preview of my crochet hexagon blanket the other day. Lo and behold, it’s finished! I followed the Attic24 tutorial but had to improvise with the 1/2 and 1/3 hexagons I needed to make a square blanket. I didn’t like the way it looked with the crooked hexagon edges. I think I [...]
Crochet hexagon blanket

Hexagon crochet pattern in the making

Please, don’t laugh. I wanted to make my own hexagon pattern because I really love multicolour hexagon blankets and even if I’m still working on this one I want to be prepared for the next one. This hexagon has an error in it and that’s why it looks like a flower. I think there are [...]
Hexagon crochet pattern

Hexagon blanket crochet – sneak preview

I’m working on a hexagon blanket, got the pattern from Attic24. She has a great tutorial on her site so it’s easy to get the hang of it. I’m using Léttlopi-yarn – 4mm hook. It’s not finished but I’m going to try and get it done by February. Each hexagon is different, I keep track [...]
Hexagon blanket