V-stitch crochet shawl – another one I made

This is actually the first V-stitch crochet shawl I made (already posted this one) but it’s crocheted from a different type of yarn and I used 4 colours. I made it for my 10 year old daughter, she loves turquoise so I used turquoise, white, grey and a very very light tan colour to mix it [...]
V-stitch crochet shawl

V-stitch shawl crochet – (kría)

This is the second V-stitch shawl (Kría – from Þóra heklbók) I’ve made, the other one looked a lot different (different yarn, different colours), I´ll post pictures when I get around to it. I made it for my 10 year old and she uses it a lot. It’s very easy to make and I think [...]
v-stitch shawl crochet