Yarn winder?

Yarn winder worth the money?

I was wondering if any of you have used a yarn winder like these yarn winders on Amazon? They kind of look like a strange torture device but I was watching this youtube video the other day (it’s a little long, just fast forward it to the good part) and was intrigued. Some of the ones on Amazon are relatively cheap I think, $27 or so, I’m not sure what the shipping will be to Iceland but hopefully not too much.

Yarn winder

Yarn winder

I’d probably have to lock my cats in another room while I use the yarn winder but the perfect balls of yarn you get out of them look so nice. I might even take a pottery class and make one of these yarn bowls. I think they’re pretty neat, no yarn flying across the room (unless the cats catch it) and maybe they help with keeping the correct tension, what do you think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is a yarn winder worth the money and trouble? Is it just going to sit in my closet because it’s too much hassle to use or is it something I won’t be able to live without? :)

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